We are now taking orders for the 2017 harvest and beyond.
Please call or email for pricing and availability at 970-270-2855 or highwirehops@gmail.com.

We’re excited to announce our purchase of a new, state of the art pelletizing system which now enables us to provide brewers with pellets of the highest quality.

During the pellet making process, temperatures never exceed 110 F. This avoids the loss of delicate oils and aromas which are often ruined during large scale hop processing. In addition, we can control the density of the pellet. Our pellets are firm but easily break apart into an even powder when rubbed between your fingers. This consistency enables the pellets to dissolve evenly and rapidly into the boil so all the hop constituents are captured in the brewing process. Many commercial grade pellets are so dense and tight that they don’t completely break down in the boil. As a result, many of the volatile compounds within the pellets aren’t utilized.

Once the hops are pelletized, we use our commercial grade vacuum sealer to package pellets into 11, 22 and 44 lb bags. Our sealer uses nitrogen flushing to preserve pellet quality.

For crop year 2017 and beyond, we’ll be offering Cascade, Chinook, Crystal, Nugget, Willamette and CTZ. All of our varieties are available as pellets (T-90’s) and as whole leaf hops.