High Wire Hops in the Press

In “5280” Magazine

“The largest brewery in the MillerCoors empire stretches across nearly 600 acres in Golden. The facility produces 13 million barrels of beer a year, mostly Coors Light, Coors Banquet, and other big-name brands such as Miller High Life and Keystone Light. Deep within the sprawling complex, a six-brewer team known as AC Golden (which is owned by MillerCoors but operates independently) makes comparatively small batches of beer unlike anything else found inside the brewery.”

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In “Edible Aspen” Magazine

In “Outside” Magazine

“But while a lot of fall-drinking trends are worth ignoring—brewers attempting to find harmony in beer and pumpkin smashed together—dig a little deeper and you’ll find some liquid rejuvenation worth pursuing. Here are the three things we’re most excited to drink this fall…”

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